Satya Chakrapani

Satya Chakrapani, a north India first generation hindu bhakt of Bhagwan Muktinath the Yeshua has been part of various initiatives and conversations toward bhakti of muktinath. A truth – seeker himself, an entrepreneur; promoter of few businesses; Shikhar Microfinance (P) Ltd., Shikhar Urban and Rural Enterprise (P) Ltd. To promote kingdom focused entrepreneurship, Montis Altis (P) Ltd to revive defunct mission hospitals. Satya and Esther are parents 2 daughters Prashansa (17) and Pratigya (10) live in Delhi. He loves people, music and diverse cultures which he has explored in his travels across the globe. Currently he hosts a monthly program called Satya Samvaad -As the name suggests, a talk show that focuses on conversations about truth that is the foundation of life, which shapes our relationships with society, faith, family and fellowship.  It is an attempt to explore real life journeys rooted in Biblical truth with wisdom and creativity. He also runs Delhi House Society, a home for the destitute.

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